Phrases about dogs

Phrases about dogs

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Quotes about dogs, poetic and funny, sometimes even sarcastic but always dripping with affection because these animals are and remain man's best friends. Despite the fact that nowadays new pets are snacking more and more often, even if they are not always perfectly suited to live alongside us, dogs remain the most faithful companions. The amount of dog phrases that exist proves this.

Phrases about funny dogs

“One thinks he's taking the dog out to pee midday and evening. Serious mistake: they are the dogs that invite us to meditation twice a day ”. This is one of my favorite funny dog ​​phrases and Daniel Pennac wrote it, one of my favorite authors. There are so many hilarious ones, as well as numerous cartoons with protagonists dogs. Then there is Groucho Marx which says "Outside of the dog, the book is man's best friend. Inside the dog is too dark to read ”.

Phrases about dogs and owners

There are entire books devoted to master dog relationship but also phrases about dogs that effectively describe it in a synthetic way. Here are a few. “Those who have not kept a dog with them do not know what it is to love and to be loved” (Mariano José de Larra). "Anyone who offers his dog unsuitable or too hot food should be punished with a hundred lashes" (Artaxerxes I of Persia), and then "Between the dog and the man there is another big difference. Man changes mood at every moment like a clever hare of direction. Instead, it takes more to change the dog's mood "(Italo Svevo).

Phrases about dogs from movies

These phrases about dogs are all taken from a film that tells well what it means to have such an extraordinary animal by our side: I refer to Me & Marley of which you can also find the book from which it is taken, on Amazon. Here are some quotes. "They don't care that you are rich, they don't wear designer clothes, they just want" you "to love them and in return" he "will give you all his heart".

"Nothing can match the experience of raising your first dog, the joy of walking side by side in the open air with your best friend… ". "There was a time when I called you the worst dog in the world ... Well you don't have to believe it, you absolutely mustn't believe it, because you are the best dog in the world and we will never forget you ..."

Phrases about cats and dogs

You are like dog and cat, it is often said, but this sentence does not describe in all its complexity the relationship that exists between these two animals. Let's see some more specific proverb. “Dog and cat carries three and breastfeeds three”. “Cat and woman at home, dog and man outside”. And then there is a Scottish proverb that states: "Cat and dog can kiss each other, but they are not best friends for this".

Phrase about dogs and children

Also a particular relationship is often established between dogs and children. Here are three phrases about dogs trying to tell it. Dogs have a sort of intrusive soul availability that relieves people who are beginning to dry up. (Elias Canetti)

I like dogs. You always know what's going on in a dog's head. His moods are four. A dog can be happy, sad, angry, or focused. (Mark Haddon)

Dogs clearly show that they have both a docile and noble soul when they desist from attacking people who have crouched on the ground. […] Indeed the dogs stop attacking anyone who has thrown himself on the ground and took a submissive attitude. (Plutarch)

Phrases about dead dogs

It seems a grim thought, but when you want it remember our animal of the heart once disappeared, you need the right words. There are phrases about dead dogs perfect to honor these 4-legged friends.

I had a dog. Or rather, a four-legged muzzle. A small receptacle of anthropomorphic projections. A faithful companion. A tail that beat time to the rhythm of his emotions. An over-excited kangaroo in the pleasant moments of the day. A dog, in short. (Muriel Barbery)

First of all, when you are a stray, you don't make a fuss! (Daniel Pennac)

They are better than Humans - because they know - but they don't speak. (Emily Dickinson)
Other ideas in the rhymes of Guido Catalano, "Dogs are always right".

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