Phrases about flowers

Phrases about flowers

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Phrases about flowers to accompany a bouquet of flowers or to replace it, for those who are stingy and do not want to shell out ten euros, but also for those who do not have the possibility to send them materially for the most diverse reasons which is not where we want to investigate. Instead, it is the time and space to explore who talked about flowers and how. And also in what language.

One of the phrases that first come to my mind, about flowers, is the one taken from Il Little Prince, a volume that has been in the hands and mouths of many, even before it was made into a film. “If you love a flower that is in a star, it is sweet, at night, to look at the sky. All the stars are in bloom, ”he wrote Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Phrases about flowers: songs

Let's stay in Italy for now and go back to a few decades ago, when Lucio Battisti sang “A flower in your mouth can help, you know | everything seems happier ”. Who prefers Adriano Celentano, with his unmistakable style, flanked by a magnetic charisma, he can sing “E in tutto il mondo | you feel a great perfume | that every flower | releases like a farewell | leaving to man | the memory of beautiful colors | which he no longer sees ".

Phrases about flowers in English

In English I can only quote one of my favorite poetesses. That on flowers as well as on a thousand other fragrant themes or not, he wrote.

I refer to Emily Dickinson. "The career of flowers differs from ours only inaudibleness", he wrote, and also "The older I grow the more do I love spring and spring flowers. Is it so with you? ". But the best of his fsat on the flowers is in this poem:
An altered look about the hills;
A Tyrian light the village fills;
A wider sunrise in the dawn;
A deeper twilight on the lawn;
A print of a vermilion foot;
A purple finger on the slope;
A flippant fly upon the pane;
A spider at his trade again;
An added strut in chanticleer;
A flower expected everywhere ...

Phrases about flowers and women

Poets, singers, writers, but also alone men in love, they often used flowers to talk about women or with women. Jacques Prévert he did it with a rare delicacy: "What are you doing down there little girl, With those freshly picked flowers, What are you doing down there girl, With those flowers those dried flowers, What are you doing down there beautiful woman, With those flowers that wither, What are you doing down there already old, With those dying flowers. I await the winner ”.

Francesco De Gregori he uses another tone but still wants to convey love: “And who knows if you can understand that millions of roses don't smell like, if your flowers don't bloom, if your eyes don't let me sleep anymore”.

More ironic Robert A. Heinlein : “Money is a powerful aphrodisiac. But flowers work almost as well ”.

Phrases about flowers and love

If we are not talking about women, in phrases about flowers, we are still talking about love. Indeed "Love is a beautiful flower, but we must have the courage to grasp it on the edge of a precipice "wrote Stendhal, while Tagore leaves us these words:" The flower hides in the grass, but the wind spreads its perfume "which implies a secret but intense love . "Life is the flower for which love is honey”: Victor Hugo is much more explicit.

Phrases about cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms are very popular in Japan and beyond. Thus writes one Japanese cartoonist, Keiko Ichiguchi, in an exchange
Itsuko: It feels like going to a country in full civil war.
Angelo: But no ... Let's go to a country covered with cherry blossoms, right?

Also Pablo Neruda, Chilean poet and activist, wrote sentences about cherry blossoms: „I want to do with you | what spring does with the cherry trees "is taken from Games every day with the light of the universe.

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