Sea water: benefits

Sea water: benefits

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Taste of the sea, taste of salt, it is a well-known song, but the water, that of the sea, is always a panacea for many of us who suffer from circulation, skin or "nose" problems. Sea water, in fact, lowers blood pressure, ha also antibacterial properties, disinfects and it is even able, in spite of the custom diet, to stimulate the metabolism. We will see how it promotes circulation, helps us to breathe better and is also ideal for whom suffer from rheumatism and joint pain, or thyroid problems.

Sea water: composition

Not all water is rich in benefits like that of the sea, which is precious because high quantities of mineral substances appear in its composition, such as potassium, magnesium, iron and iodine. In a certain sense, sea water is complementary tomineral water existing in nature because it has some elements also present in our body: vitamin E to some microorganisms they release antiviral and antibacterial substances.

Benefits sea water

Among the most interesting benefits is the one concerning the drainage of liquids, favored by sea waterthanks to a process of osmosis. Even bathing in this water, therefore, offers many benefits both for the health of the skin, and because it has a vitalizing, cleansing, antibacterial action. Let's not forget, then, that walking with feet and calves in sea water is very good for the muscles and the figure.

Isotonic sea water

L'even inhaled sea water is very beneficial, due to the presence of iodine which acts against diseases of the respiratory system. Being a volatile element, partially soluble in water, iodine evaporates, this therefore requires us not only to ingest iodine but also to take some from the outside, about 150-200 micrograms per day.

Sea water partially meets this need and is to be combined with one diet rich in foods that iodine: fish (sea bream, sea bass and white bream), crustaceans and molluscs.

When we do not take in enough iodine, we can face problems related to the thyroid, so it is better to dedicate ourselves to walks by the sea and fish dinners, to prevent them.

Sea water: leather

This water, useful to breathe, also acts on the skin with its own anti-inflammatory power linked to the presence of sodium, copper and sulfur. Who therefore suffers from dermatological disorders, such as eczema, psoriasis and some types of erythema, you can find some relief by often bathing in the sea, also taking the opportunity to improve the purity of your skin.

There are numerous beauty treatments, in fact, based on sea water, including thalassotherapy which involves the use of sea water, algae, sand to also treat rheumatism and muscle pain, stress and tension. The aesthetic aspect also comes out well. Thalassotherapy, even with sea water, treats inflammation of tendons, muscles and nerves, as well as vein diseases.

Sea water at the spa

There are numerous spa treatments which base their effectiveness on the "innate" qualities of sea water, but not only. There are also many cosmetic products, more and more: from creams to lotions, from nutritional products and those for care for skin, hair and nails.

Sea water: perfume

In the fragrances of famous brands like in the "series" ones and even in the tastes of air freshener for the environment and for cars, sea water often appears. By this term we mean a fresh and marine scent which in addition to evoking the idea of ​​a beach and holidays, also recalls the concept of cleanliness.

Sea water: price

For those wishing to experience for themselves the benefits of sea water, on Amazon it is possible to buy with 11,80 euro 24m isotonic vials of 5ml one suitable for both infants, children and adults.

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