How to educate a puppy dog

How to educate a puppy dog

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How to educate a puppy dog it is something to learn before a puppy arrives at our house, because in front of his eyes and his sympathy, we soon end up losing all the discipline and rigor that we would like to apply to have a dog "with good manners" . Here are a few guidance on how to educate a puppy dog, for those who have one, for those looking for one, for those who are undecided whether to become a dog owner or not. Because it is also a commitment, at least when it is a puppy, instill some rules of behavior.

First of all we don't pretend to educate a puppy by teaching him a thousand things at once. Let's imagine the liveliest pupil in the class, every puppy is like this, so a few simple things, but transmitted well, clearly and severely, but never violently. A reading tip for those who want to learn more is "Here comes a puppy! What to know and what to do to welcome your new friend ”by Valeria Rossi, at 12.67 euros also available on Amazon.

How to educate a puppy to go to the toilet

One of the first notions you want to convey, while learning how to educate a puppy dog, is the one who needs to go out. In the garden, if we have one, or when we take it for a stroll.

On an instinctual level, he already fortunately senses for himself that he must not make them close to where he eats and sleeps, but otherwise, we must teach us how and when. It is useless to be strict right away and yell if your house gets dirty, because only around the fourth month will he begin to be able to resist and control himself. In the meantime, however, we can begin to show him the space chosen for his needs and observe its behavior trying to identify when it tends to get dirty and where.

If we catch him peeing in the wrong place, let's take him and take him to what we have decided will be his needs space. Time after time, he will learn to associate this place with his pee and his poop avoiding to do it elsewhere. When you learn how to educate a puppy dog, we avoid scolding or beating him when he's still disoriented, let's give him time to figure out what to do. It is a moment in which his daily life is full of stimuli, and not only regarding his needs.

How to educate a puppy not to bite

The puppies often to play, to interact, to know, they risk biting us and not too weakly. It is up to us to teach them not to bite, not to overdo it, to control their bite. How to educate a puppy not to bite is a question of reactions. Our reactions that will make him understand what not to do, what is not appreciated and therefore must not continue to do. This, before biting becomes an established habit and often difficult to unhinge.

In order not to induce the puppy to bite, in order not to tempt him, since he does not yet have the measure, it is good to never play too violently. If, despite our best efforts, your child continues to be aggressive, it is best to consult a professional educator.

How to educate a puppy about the environment

As soon as I got home, the puppy a "sponge" and immediately he is ready to learn but also to disobey. It is therefore good to prepare and know beforehand How to educate a puppy dog.

It is important to make him understand immediately what his spaces are, to make him feel welcomed but not the king of the house, to always keep him in company or almost and get him used to the presence of objects, noises and people who will be constant in his new environment. Playing is also essential, and one of the best ways to educate a dog is by playing.

How to educate Maltese puppies

The Maltese dog is rather obedient animal and also very suitable for living with children. Better get him used to their presence immediately, in case. To find out more, I refer you to the article I dedicated to him: "Short-haired Maltese”.

How to educate Pitbull puppies

For a breed like this it is essential to know how to educate puppies because may grow accustomed to obeying their master avoiding following your instincts. They are not bad dogs, but their owner must be very good at asserting themselves and giving them the right habits. To deepen the knowledge of the breed: Pitbull dog.

How to educate Chihuahua puppies

Let's not underestimate this dog just because it's small: even a small but disobedient or rude dog can make us despair. Better know right away How to educate a Chihuahua puppy dog for a happy coexistence.

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