Kids on bikes

Kids on bikes

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Kids on bikes, carried by mum and dad or, as soon as you get older, pedaling alone, first lingering and swaying and then as fast as the wind!

Bikes have always been a passion of children: from the first years of life they are a way to explore the world with mum and dad, and then become one of the favorite games.

Bimbimbici: the FIAB campaign

In a few days, the 14 of May, in conjunction with the Day of the Bicycle, the usual initiative conceived and promoted by FIAB (Italian Federation of Friends of the Bicycle) will start, aimed at promoting the use of bicycles among children and adolescents. In many Italian cities, group rides will be organized to regain possession of the roads and affirm the right to sustainable mobility that does not jeopardize the health of children.

Bimbimbici wants to be a stimulus to promote the creation of new green areas and new cycle paths where citizens can ride in maximum safety.

On the official website you can find more information on the initiatives scheduled for this year.

Transporting children safely by bike: the proposals of TAGA BIKE

One of the most innovative, safe and practical means available on the market to move safely with our children is TAGA BIKE, now available in two versions: TAGA FAMILY BIKE and TAGA BICI STROLLER.

TAGA Family Bike allows you to transport 1 to 3 children from 0 to 9 years in total safety for the fun of the whole family. It is also a perfect way to carry your shopping in comfort and effortlessly or to transport your dog when he starts to be too tired to run! :-)

TAGA Family Bike can be customized with many accessories according to situations and needs and thanks to its solidity it will accompany you for many years.

TAGA Bike Stroller on the other hand, it manages to combine the fun of a bicycle with the functionality of a luxury stroller.
In fact, in a few seconds, Taga goes from a safe and manageable bicycle to a design stroller that moves easily in shops, trains, elevators and other confined spaces.
The basic configuration includes the chassis of the Taga + seat + basket under the seat + sun canopy - everything you need to join the Taga community.
Taga Bike is suitable for a child from 6 months to 6 years of 35 kg in weight in bicycle mode and up to 20 kg in stroller mode.

With both models you will always have your children in front of your eyes, in the ideal position to share the discoveries of your journey in maximum safety.

Taga also it can be folded in less than a minute and placed in the trunk of a family car or sedan. The TAGA Family Bike model is even more compact for transport.

The Taga are high quality products that have received numerous awards both in terms of design that regarding the safety. Examples include the Red Dot Award for Product Design in the sports category, the Eurobike Award, the Kind + Jugend Innovation Award and the iF Magazine Award, one of the leading design magazines in Europe.

To find out all the details and prices of TAGA bikes you can visit the official website:

Children on their bikes independently

Getting children used to moving around on a bike like TAGA from an early age is ideal for stimulating their sensitivity towards two-wheeled transport and sustainable mobility.

When they get older it will be natural for them to ride with you and travel by bicycle instead of by car, exactly as the FIAB hopes with initiatives such as Bimbimbici.

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