How to get rid of calluses on the feet

How to get rid of calluses on the feet

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How to get rid of calluses on the feet: here is the recipe to fight calluses with natural ingredients. From the first application, your feet will be softer and more beautiful.

The callus on one foot cannot be considered a real pathology but it can still invalidate our existence; in addition to being unsightly, they are when walking. Unlike warts and fungi, calluses are hyperkeratosis, ie thickening of the skin caused by excessive compression or rubbing of the skin; they form on the soles, heels and toes.

How to get rid of calluses on the feet

Many, unfortunately, ignore the need to devote to specific treatments. As we have already mentioned, beyond the aesthetic factor, they can cause severe pain and the risk of some infections. Fortunately, mother nature offers several natural ingredients with emollient and antifungal properties. In this regard we will show you how to eliminate calluses on the feet with a treatment based on yogurt and vinegar. Thanks to the properties of these two extraordinary products, we will accelerate the skin's healing process.

On the market we find several specific products to eliminate calluses on the feet, but they may contain ingredients that irritate the skin. Why not use natural ingredients to improve the appearance of the skin? Their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties also help prevent infections; factor not to be overlooked

Benefits of yogurt

The main benefits of yogurt against calluses are due to its high concentration of lactic acid. It regulates the natural pH of the skin, inhibits the growth of fungi and, in turn, exerts an exfoliating effect, facilitating the elimination of dead cells. It has healing, antioxidant and emollient properties, which help improve the appearance of hard feet in a few days.

Benefits of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is among the most popular products in natural cosmetics. The acetic acid contained in it helps soften the calluses and prevent the growth of fungi. Its compounds easily penetrate the skin, remove impurities that accumulate on the surface, balancing the skin's pH. It is really effective against germs and unpleasant odors. Thanks to its antibacterial action, it is also effective in protecting feet with skin lesions.

Recipe against calluses on the feet

It should be noted that to have an effective result, the ingredients must be of organic origin. Flavored yogurts and refined vinegar do not have the same properties as their natural versions. At the time of purchase, therefore, make sure that they are 100% natural products

What we need

  • 100 grams of natural yogurt
  • 60 ml of organic apple cider vinegar
  • 5 drops of calendula essential oil

Calendula oil, where to buy it

Calendula infusion oil is not difficult to find. Before purchasing, we advise you to carefully read the label and choose only natural and transparent products in production methods.

Calendula oil can be bought in shops specializing in the production of natural extracts, in herbal medicine and in pharmacies specializing in homeopathic remedies, it can also be easily bought on the web. Among the various products available on the web we point out the 100% Natural Marigold Oil offered on Amazon at a price of 7.49 euros with free shipping costs.

We chose this product for its good quality / price ratio and because the manufacturing company is family-run and produces any extract with natural methods. For example, hiscalendula-infused oilit is obtained by leaving marigold buds to macerate for a long time in sunflower oil without adding other solvents.

How to proceed

  1. Pour the natural yogurt into a saucepan then add the organic apple cider vinegar
  2. Pour the calendula essential oil and mix until a homogeneous mixture is obtained


  1. In the evening, before going to sleep, clean your feet thoroughly with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly
  2. Apply the mixture on the area to be treated in generous quantities: the callus must be completely covered by the mixture
  3. Leave the product to work for 30 minutes then immerse your feet in warm water for another 20 minutes
  4. After this time, massage the area with a pumice stone to remove dead skin cells
  5. Rinse with warm water and dry carefully
  6. Repeat every day until improvement.

PLEASE NOTE: even if the skin is much softer and more hydrated from the first application, it is not possible to eliminate calluses on the feet with a single application. It is therefore advisable to do the treatment several times until you notice healthier and more beautiful feet.

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