Colon hydrotherapy: benefits and contraindications

Colon hydrotherapy: benefits and contraindications

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Colon hydrotherapy, a remedy for constipation when it is a constant problem that struggles to disappear, an opportunity to help the colon regain its regularity. It is a therapy that involves washing the colon, it is often also needed in view of endoscopic and ultrasound radiological investigations on the intestine to prepare this organ so that they can be best performed. If you are undergoing colon hydrotherapy, you can help but do enemas or laxative therapies even less natural ones usually required before taking certain tests.

Colon hydrotherapy intestinal washing

With colon hydrotherapy yes cleans a section of the intestine using special machinery. It is not an operation that can be improvised, because it could be harmful or invasive, if you do it yourself, you must contact the centers that carry it out.

To practice this therapy, a two-way cannula must be introduced through the anus that allows a flow of purified water at calibrated pressure and temperature to pass from the rectum to the cecum to get to the colon and cleanse. If there is fecal material blocked in this section, it is released. In the other sense, the "dirty" water must be able to escape, sucked in from the outside, and taking intestinal residues with it.

Colon hydrotherapy: benefits

Told this way I realize that it is not the best but it is natural and very effective. Has several benefits which are not to be underestimated. Before deciding if it's right for us, let's get to know them. One time colon hydrotherapy performed, it is possible to purify the intestine and stimulate peristalsis. After a few washing cycles, the bacterial flora can rebuild and recreate itself, bringing our back to normal and healthy conditions. bowel maybe clogged or intoxicated.

With the'colon hydrotherapy we get rid of stuck fecal matter, toxins and other harmful substances left in the intestine to weaken the our immune defenses and creating inflammation.

This type of therapy, in a less direct way, can also bring benefits to the lymphatics and treat meteorism and abdominal swelling if due to intestinal fermentations. There is therefore less chance of getting sick with salmonella and candida, the bacterial flora improves and even those who are sensitive to gluten or have food intolerances can see their health improve.

Colon hydrotherapy: costs

A session of Colon hydrotherapy can cost between 120 and 180 euros on average. Usually two or three treatments are carried out, if constipation has arisen for a few months, otherwise regular appointments must be set, not too close, but to be respected.

To do an idea of ​​how much time you spend for each session, usually net of routine preparation and waiting, we can count 50 minutes, on average, of colon hydrotherapy, then it depends a lot on the structure and the patient.

Colon hydrotherapy at home

As mentioned, to carry out sessions of this therapy it is necessary to have the right machinery and also the right preparation. In fact, it provides for delicate operations that you need to know how to do, so it is important that the specialised personnel, then in charge of following the entire session, also carrying out massages on the abdomen to promote relaxation and activation of peristalsis.

Colon hydrotherapy centers

I'm always more numerous are the centers where also in Italy we can request colon hydrotherapy sessions. In the field of "conventional" medicine, This technique is usually used before medical and diagnostic tests or investigations, such as colonoscopy. However, it happens more and more often that colon hydrotherapy is recommended as one of the possible alternatives to clean the colon, to detoxify the intestine and reactivate intestinal peristalsis.

Colon hydrotherapy: contraindications

Before experimenting with this alternative therapy but increasingly used and successfully, better check that you are not among those subjects for which it is not recommended.

Despite being a longstanding practice, even the Egyptians they did something similar to their intestines, colon hydrotherapy it has side effects. There are people to whom it can cause for example cramps, bloating, dysentery, nausea and vomiting. Better then before undergoing one sitting check with your doctor, especially if we have heart disease or kidney disease, or if we are following drug therapies.

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