Choke collar: what it is and why it is dangerous

Choke collar: what it is and why it is dangerous

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Thechoke collar it consists of a chain or a lace with two rings at the ends, like the one you see above. Most dog owners and experts argue that it is not good to use it as it can cause pain and serious physical damage to the dog.

Choke collar: why it exists

The choke collar it was once used by breeders to manage "not very obedient" dogs: its "functioning" requires that, when a dog "pulls" the leash, the chain tightens around his neck, causing him pain and thus making him calm.

Similarly, the owner can pull the leash to achieve the same painful result.

The choke collar it is considered a sign of violence and authoritarianism on the part of the boss. If you want to base the relationship with your dog on mutual trust and complicity, while making it clear that we are the masters, using this tool is definitely not a good idea.

The choke collar, among other things, can have an effect opposite to the desired one, instigating the anger of the animal that feels tortured and betrayed.

Indeed, it is not uncommon for a badly used choke collar you create serious problems for the dog, both from a psychological and a physical point of view.

Here is an example of the damage that irresponsible use of a choke collar can cause:

A dog with a badly injured neck from reckless use of a choke collar

Choke collar: it is legal

The choke collar is not illegal to date, so much so that it is also on sale online. A bill to make it illegal has been standing still for some time even though petitions are multiplying to finally approve it in a short time.

Fortunately, most breeders and trainers have already abandoned this method of educating dogs to obey commands, but some still use it claiming that it is the only way to educate a disobedient dog, especially if it is large.

Half-crimped collar

The half-crimped collar it is different from the choke one but it is easy to get confused. It is composed of a chain, in nylon, fabric or leather, and has two rings at the ends, then there is a second chain part that passes through these two rings and ends with both ends on a third ring to which hooked the carabiner of the leash.

It is called a half streak because it tightens but only up to a certain point, there is a kind of stop that should decrease the risk of bottlenecks. The half-crotch collar is also clearly to be avoided. Here is a photo of a model for sale online:

Half-crimped collar

Choke collar: alternatives

There are many to educate your dog alternative and completely non-violent techniques that also lead to better results and in less time.

To learn them I recommend reading two books:

  • "Training of the Dog: The complete guide to educating the dog" by Nicola Ruggero
  • "All about dog psychology" by J. Dehasse

I am sure you will be satisfied and your dog will be very grateful! :-)

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