Biomass energy at the Guangzhou APBE 2019 fair

Biomass energy at the Guangzhou APBE 2019 fair

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L'eighth edition of APBE 2019 (Asia-Pacific Biomass Energy Exhibition) will be held in Guangzhou, from 16 to 18 August 2019 and will be a new meeting opportunity for all operators in the sector linked toenergy from biomass.

The biomass have become the fourth source of energy worldwide and China plays a very important role in this sector with its companies increasingly prepared to face international markets as well as looking for partners with whom to perfect mutual collaboration agreements.

China's increasingly important investments in energy production from renewables constitute a further driving force for this new edition which will be attended by over 120 exhibitors who will present innovative products and services.

China's program expects biomass to be used to produce energy instead of 58 million tons of coal by 2020.

The capacity to produce energy from biomass will thus rise to 15 million kilowatts. The consumption of biomass for liquid fuel and the consumption of biomass to produce pellets will rise to 6 million tons and 30 million tons respectively.

The success of the 2018 edition of APBE

The APBE 2018 edition was a great success with over 160 exhibitors including ROSHT (Korea), Polytechnik (Austria), Kingwood, Lvding Energy, Dizhonghai Boiler, Bioene, Lvtan Group, Dingliang, BSR, Vonton, Greenman, DLS, Hongxin Machinery and many other players in the sector.

APBE 2019

There Guangzhou fair it is an opportunity for companies in the sector to exhibit their best technologies to potential buyers increasingly interested in produce energy efficiently using biomass.

In the United States only 0.94% of energy is produced from biomass but according to the statements of Bob Cleaves, president of the Biomass Power Association, which operates more than 80 incinerators in 16 states, this percentage is set to double in the coming years.

L'biomass energy it could be an opportunity if obtained by following sustainability principles but many environmentalists are worried.

APBE is among the most important exhibitions in the world dedicated to biomass with an exhibition space of 18,000 square meters and a constantly growing number of exhibitors: this year the aim is to exceed 200 exhibitors!

Heat China 2019 and the 11th edition of the Solar and Photovoltaic Fair (PV Guangzhou 2019) will also be held at the same time as APBE 2019: two further opportunities to gather information on other solutions and technologies for heating and energy generation.

Product sectors covered by the exhibitors of APBE 2019

  • Exhibition Scope
  • Biomass molding fuel and manufacturing equipment;
  • Biomass boilers, combustors, stoves, boiler improvement and heating service companies;
  • Biomass gasification technologies and equipment;
  • Biogas technologies & engineering equipment;
  • Comprehensive utilization of crop straw;
  • Biomass & garbage power technologies and equipment, integrated garbage treatment, recycling of industrial waste gas and heat;
  • Advanced biology liquid fuel and refining technologies;
  • Related technologies and equipment of biomass combined heat and power generation;
  • Detection, evaluation and certification institutions,
  • Marine biomass energy.

For more information, visit the official website of the event, which is also available in English at:

If you are interested in more information to visit the fair or to participate as exhibitors, you can write to Jenny, from the organizing secretariat, at this email address:[email protected] or contact her via mobile, WhatsApp or Wechat at: +86 158 7655 8395.

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