Seasonal Depression: Natural Remedies

Seasonal Depression: Natural Remedies

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Seasonal depression, passing from a summer full of light to an autumn with bright colors but more humid, or even passing, which happens more rarely, from winter to spring. Sometimes it is the change that cares us, and it is good to prepare ourselves so as not to gamble with precious time. Beyond the season that begins. We have no choice!

Seasonal Depression: What It Is

There seasonal depressionand it is the one that catches us when there are the first autumn days, not as indicated on the calendar but as climate and atmosphere. In fact, it is not certain that this malaise is linked to the official date of the beginning of autumn, more than anything else it is therefeeling of the arrival of a different period which leads us to unpleasant or pleasant mood changes.

There seasonal depression linked to autumn it is the most frequent because it is the time when the light decreases and the temperatures are also lower, the sun is less hot and less present.

In addition to spring depression, the rarest, there are also the summer and winter depression. There are those who like winter but many are troubled and not just because of the cold. It is important to learn how to distinguish seasonal depression from normal sadness which can coincide with the return to the "usual life" once the holidays are over.

Autumn seasonal depression

In autumn there is less light, there is damp, he goes back to work and to school, if he has taken vacation. In the fall, our internal clock is also upset and must change pace, this causes mood swings and sometimes discomfort both in terms of nutrition and in the sleep-wake rhythm.

Summer seasonal depression

The depression that comes with the summer is not very much linked to the climate but to the change of pace. It especially captures the people who are very attached to their work and the position they hold: during the summer break they may find themselves disoriented and perhaps a little dejected. Bored or looking for your own private identity that is not a clone of the one related to work. Summer brings many questions and sometimes the answers are not what you imagined.

Seasonal Depression: Natural Remedies

To cure the seasonal depression there are many types of therapy, some even include administration of artificial light at a defined time in the morning (light therapy). There are also people who take antidepressants to try not to get too down, but there are natural remedies to try before giving up on the "chemical" treatment unless prescribed by the doctor as the only urgent solution.

Seasonal Depression Advice

In the book "I can do it alone. Treating Depression Without Drugs ”by Kelly Brogan and Kristin Loberg there are numerous tips that assume that the seasonal depression can sometimes also be an opportunity to thoroughly investigate what is wrong with our lifestyle habits, to change them and aim for optimal well-being. If you do, it acts on both diet and physical activity, both on sleep and on stress management.

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