Fake indoor and outdoor plants

Fake indoor and outdoor plants

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Fake plants, indoor or outdoor, without horrifying lovers of greenery and holders of green thumbs. There are occasions when they are necessary or they are better than nothing. Not all Fake plants are bad plastic and some well done can help make the environment more pleasant.

When choosing the type of fake plant it is necessary to evaluate a number of important factors, starting from whether you want it for the interior or for the eternal. Sizes and shapes, of course, always considering that a real plant would be better but. But it can imply many things, for example that there is also someone suffer from allergy or those who do not have time to devote to the care of natural plants, or who live in an unsuitable environment.

Indoor fake plants

Sometimes, especially the Indoor fake plants, are made so well that even up close without touching them it is difficult to distinguish them from real ones. At one time perhaps this was not the case, but today thanks to new materials, a little to increasingly sophisticated processing, fake plants are obtained with a almost perfect design.

In your own home, or on the balcony of your palace, you can choose to place one of these plants by evaluating the space it must occupy and the effect we want. A ficus like a small palm, succulent plants or even fake plants with flowers to cheer up and personalize environments with a touch of color. Today they don't necessarily have high prices, there are fake plants of good quality and workmanship also at acceptable prices, which can also become useful entrance plants, especially if there is not a lot of light.

Fake outdoor plants

Indoor fake plants are often made of fabric, outdoor ones usually made of plastic and other materials that are better resistant to bad weather. We find some specimens also in natural materials, or made with silk, in satin, but also in rayon or imitation silk.

They are not suitable felt or cotton for plants that need to be in the garden, a synthetic material such as PVC is better. There are times, above all in larger fake plants, in which iron is obviously combined with other materials to create a not too rigid effect of authenticity.

Fake plants: Ikea

A comfortable and interesting place to look fake plants at affordable prices is Ikea. Each season offers us models of various sizes in its catalogs, including online, that few do not yet know. Before buying fake plants, here or elsewhere, always pay attention to the quality of the materials.

Since plants are not real, they cannot be expected to have zero impact, but at least they are not harmful and polluting. We check that they are made of plastic or non-toxic fabric, we can then also go in search of those that emit the smells of real ones.

Fake Plants: Amazon

For those who are not comfortable ad go to Ikea or in other similar stores, there is Amazon offering a wide choice of fake plants of various sizes and shapes, with affordable prices.

Fake succulents

The fake succulents they are often well done and satisfying. In the apartment they usually fit better and elegantly furnish even environments that would not allow real succulents to survive. There are also fake succulents with flowers that give a touch of cheer. A set of 6 on Amazon costs less than 20 euros.

Cheap artificial plants

For the interior the cheapest artificial plants they are the fat ones or the ficus, palm plants such as the nine-leaf banana tree and the coconut bush. Between bushes go a lot that of calathea and maple or photos with trunk. THE prices depend a lot from the size and the invoice, better not to save too much, however, only to be in your hands a plant that lasts a few months and then gets damaged.

Fake plants for aquariums

Even the aquariums often require the presence of fake plants, they are naturally plants specifically designed for this type of use. I talk about it better in the article dedicated toaquarium for goldfish

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