How to get rid of weeds

How to get rid of weeds

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How to get rid of weedswith the grubber, the hoe, manually or with the weed burner technique. Useful tips for the permanent elimination of weeds in the vegetable garden.

There are many methods for controllingweeds, we start from herbicides to more or less laborious techniques. From fire weeding to manual weeding.

Weeding is the natural method used in organic farming which consists of "disinfesting" the soil using an LPG-based flame or propagated by electricity. For the control of infested herbs the simplest methods are mulching, hoeing and weeding.

How to get rid of weeds, weeding

For weeding, the operation with which weeds are eradicated is considered.

It is done by hand when the weeds are in an advanced stage of growth and where the use of the hoe is difficult due to the proximity of the weeds to the cultivated plant.

To facilitate the weeding, or themanual weeding, it is advisable to carry out a preliminary irrigation: when the soil is too dry, greater force is required to eradicate the plant!

The most difficult weeds to eradicate are those that propagate with underground organs such as rhizomes and tuberized roots, that is sorghetta, vilucchio, wick, weed…. in these cases it will be necessary to make sure that the entire root system has been removed because the "residues" could drive a new plant.


Manual grubbing or with small tools is ideal for small spaces. In the agricultural sector, there is no shortage of tools that help eradicate weeds by eliminating the entire root system.

It is important to act with high frequency, especially in summer. If you wait too long, the root will be more developed and it will become difficult to extract it entirely.

Among the various grubbers on the market we point out two types.

The first allows you toget rid of weedsin an upright position, so as not to strain the back. However, this is its only advantage because it costs more and requires more time to clean the flower beds.

The second type is the classic one, which has always been used in agriculture. It has lower costs, it allows you to effectively eliminate any weed (even the taproot ones) even when it is well developed (and well rooted). One timetook his hand... it is faster in use than the previous model. It has lower costs but is more tiring to use.

To get an idea of ​​the two grubbers described:

  1. Manual spring grubber
    Personally I have not tried it but, in its category, it is the cheapest and has better reviews. It is bought with 31.58 euros. There are also 60 or 80 euros.
  2. Classic grubber
    I reported this because it is made of carbon, therefore lighter and easier to handle. It is robust and resistant, I had the opportunity to try it firsthand in my small garden and I am very satisfied. It is bought with € 9.56.

How to get rid of weeds, hoeing

There are tools of different shapes and weights that can be chosen according to your cultivation. If with weeding it is necessary to eradicate weeds that are already well developed, when using the hoe you must act immediately! The less developed the weeds, the more effective themechanical weeding.

When removing weeds with a hoe, the soil to be worked must be moist but not wet. Wet ground is too mushy and difficult to work while dry ground is too hard and will make the operation heavier.

How to get rid of weeds, mulching

Mulching prevents or limits the appearance of weeds. This technique is excellent for protecting the soil, retaining moisture, saving water and counteracting the onset ofweeds. In this regard, we refer you to our guide article "How to mulch a vegetable garden“.

Weed burner

There are weeding techniques that take advantage of heat, let's talk about solarization and flame weeding. Sunburn has long waiting times and a more meticulous preparation process, on the contrary, fire weeding is faster and can also be done with DIY. Weeding is not an expensive technique as many are led to believe.

Fire weeding is also particularly useful for eliminating weeds that grow on gravel or between interlocks.

Fire weeding is one way eliminate weeds very effective and long-lasting, it consists in causing a thermal shock to the soil that prevents the growth of weeds and prepares the soil for any cultivation. The same effects can be obtained with solarization but here the soil to be treated must be covered with a plastic sheet for times that often must exceed 30 days.

The fire weeding is also very useful for eliminating weeds that grow along the borders of flower beds, or along the paths. I have personally used this technique to remove the weeds that grow between the joints in the garden pavement.

There are gas or electric fire weeding tools. At the time of purchase, if you opt for gas models, make sure that thegas cylindersare rechargeable. Refillable gas cylinders are cheaper because you will then pay the actual cost of gas and you will not have to pay high prices like in my case!

In recent times, a tool for electric weeding has become widespread. If with gas fire weeding you have to pay attention to the cost of refills, with the electric one the compromise to be accepted is in the extensions: in the garden there must be an electrical outlet to power the appliance.

For all information on weeding tools (prices, opinions, advice on use) you can read the reviews on Amazon.

Among the various products available, the most interesting was theweed burnerThermoflamm. It is bought at a price of 65 euros (free shipping), I haven't personally tested it but it has excellent reviews. For all the info:Thermoflamm, flame weeding.

Although more cumbersome to implement, the burner allows you to deactivate the seeds of weeds present in the soil. So with the burner not only weeds are eliminated but the growth of further weeds is prevented.

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